Why Green Innovation Matters in Local Politics

Green policy and innovation needs to be a priority at the local level, and we will likely not see the change we need until that happens. The truth is that the US congress is not addressing the problem of climate change with the urgency it deserves. If any progress will be made on these issues, it needs to be made at the community level by local politicians.

There are strong incentives for local-level politicians to address these issues directly. Here are some of them…

Green Jobs

Green jobs are part of large industries in several states already. There is no reason to believe that the expansion of green jobs is going to slow down. Communities that make an early effort to attract these industries will be in an excellent position for the future. Green energy is one of the fastest-growing industries in the United States right now.

Many of the jobs that grow out green technology in the next few decades are expected to be part of an expansion of solar energy. Solar plants and fields are becoming more scaleable at a budget as technology improves, and investors are currently hungry for new development. Local politicians would be wise to do what they can to attract these investors to their own areas.

Higher Standards of Living

Embracing green innovation is a first step to increasing the standards of living in your community. Living standards have become a major focus for growing communities in the past few years. Younger movers are hungry for features like bike trails, walkable areas and other city improvements with a green focus. These features are now popular enough that they can be can be used for promoting the city when they are complete.

Regulatory Future Proofing

Embracing green policy at the local level may have the effect of future proofing for future regulatory needs. While major federal legislation involving climate change is not expected within the next few years, but that only means that any problems future policy attempts to correct will require stronger measures.

For that reason, you should pursue green energy as a policy at the local level now. By the time these measures are federally-mandated, they can be expensive for local governments to implement. That cost can be significantly defrayed if strong green standards are already in place for years before the new standards come down.